I care about the environment

Activity profile

Eco-Cars operates mainly in such fields as:

  • Cars recycling
  • Cables recycling
  • RTV recycling
  • Waste treatment
  • Sale of car spare parts
  • Collection of used batteries
  • We supply/ free of charge sacks, and containers for collecting recyclable materials
  • We ensure receipt of substances and recyclable materials in prearranged time
  • We guarantee short time of reaction
  • We implement Selective Waste Collection Programs

ECO-CARS is a fast expanding company, which under authorization No 58 from governor of the western Poland Province as the first firm in Poznań operates in the field of car recycling. Company owns certificated siding, which allows to receive machines and heavy equipment for dismantling. We possess our own means of transport. All vehicles possess ADR rights.

Under authorization No SR-II-3-6620-17/02 of 20.02.2003 and of 20.02.2003 No SR-II-3-6620-17a/0203 from governor of the western Poland Province, we received permission to produce hazardous and other than hazardous materials, and to conduct business in the field of recycling, collecting, transport and storage of waste materials. It concerns also industrial waste.

Our aim is to offer high standard services .We offer complete service in the field of administration of waste materials, hazardous materials, neutralizing and receipt of hazardous waste.

Our employees are always willing to answer your questions.
You can reach us Monday to Friday: 8.00-16.00, and Saturdays 8.00-13.00
Tel:+48 61 88 700 24

ECO-cars Sp. z o.o.
ul. Forteczna 14a
61-362 Poznań
tel./fax +48 (61) 88 700 24
tel. +48 (61) 887 01 39