I care about the environment

Selective waste collection

How can you profit from collecting waste materials?

  • You save your money
  • You have less municipal waste materials you normally have to pay for
  • You protect the natural environment
  • You set a good example of how every EU citizen should behave
  • You can prepare yourself early enough for forthcoming changes

As you can see, it brings you only benefits!

What do we throw into sacks?

In green sacks we collect clean glass waste:

  • jars without screw top
  • bottles without metal parts
  • glass packages

In yellow sacks we collect clean plastic and metal waste, batteries and accumulators:

  • beverage bottles PET
  • washing-up liquid bottles, shampoo bottles etc.
  • garden furniture, plastic toys, plastic flowerpots, buckets, clean plastic sacks
  • cans
  • metal packaging
  • batteries and accumulators

In blue sacks we collect clean paper waste:

  • newspapers
  • cardboard boxes
  • paper packages
  • other paper articles

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